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World Happiness Report: Pakistan Happier Than Neighboring Countries

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Islamabad: Pakistanis are relatively happier compared to people from neighboring countries including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan, according to the World Happiness Report. The...
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UAE Demands Establishment of Independent and Autonomous Palestinian State

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The Hague: The United Arab Emirates has demanded the establishment of an independent and autonomous Palestinian state from the International Court of Justice. Presenting evidence...
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Pakistan Requests Loan Rollover from the United Arab Emirates

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Islamabad: Pakistan has submitted a request to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the rollover of a $2 billion loan. According to reports, the Ministry...
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Thailand Announces Visa-Free Entry for 60 Countries

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Bangkok: The Thai government has granted permission for citizens of 60 countries to enter Thailand without a visa for up to one month. In an...
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Russia and Ukraine Carry Out Biggest Prisoner Exchange

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Moscow, Kyiv: An exchange of prisoners with the mediation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken place between Russia and Ukraine, in which, under...
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Five More Countries Join BRICS, Pakistan Also Actively Pursuing Inclusion

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Moscow: After the addition of five more countries, the expanding economic group BRICS now comprises 10 members, with Pakistan and several other nations actively striving...
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Sharjah Cancels New Year Celebrations in Solidarity with the People of Palestine

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Abu Dhabi: The Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has canceled New Year celebrations to express solidarity with the people of Palestine. According...
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U.S. Vetoes UN Resolution Urging Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza

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In an emergency meeting held on Friday at the UN Security Council to address the escalating crisis in Gaza, a resolution calling for an immediate...
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Urgent Need for Muslim Unity on Gaza, Talks Between Erdogan and UAE President

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Dubai: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a meeting with the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, discussing the...
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Saudi Arabia Extends $3 Billion Deposit to Support Pakistan’s Economy

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Karachi: State Bank of Pakistan announced on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia has agreed to extend a $3 billion deposit for an additional year, providing crucial...