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UK Government Moves to Create “Smoke-Free Generation” with Stringent Smoking Ban

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London: The United Kingdom’s Parliament has greenlit stringent measures aimed at eradicating smoking, marking a significant step towards creating a “smoke-free” generation in the country,...
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‘True Promise’: Why Iran Launched Historic Attack on Israel

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Tehran: In an unprecedented move, Iran has executed the largest drone strike and missile attack in its history, directly targeting Israel in retaliation for an...
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Houthis Claim Fresh Missile Attack on US Ship in Southern Red Sea

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Sanaa: Yemen’s Houthi group has claimed a successful missile attack on an American commercial maritime vessel in the southern Red Sea. According to media reports,...
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Thailand Announces Visa-Free Entry for 60 Countries

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Bangkok: The Thai government has granted permission for citizens of 60 countries to enter Thailand without a visa for up to one month. In an...
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Britain Announces Visa-Free Entry Service for Various Muslim Countries

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Britain has announced the initiation of a visa-free entry facility for citizens from several Muslim countries. The visa-free entry, as declared by Britain, will benefit...