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Pakistan Launches Second Communication Satellite “PAKSAT MM-1” into Space

TNT Desk
Karachi: Pakistan achieved another milestone in space technology on Thursday as it successfully launched its second communication satellite, PAKSAT MM-1, marking a significant advancement in...
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Pakistan Reaffirms ‘One China’ Policy, Supports China on Taiwan: PM Shehbaz

Ghazali Farooqi
Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reiterated Pakistan’s steadfast commitment to the “One China” policy, affirming Islamabad’s unwavering support for Beijing’s stance on the Taiwan issue....
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Truth about Democracy

Ameen Ashar
Today almost all governance regimes – liberal, socialist, nationalist – claim to be democratic. The only major exception is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Democracy...
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World Happiness Report: Pakistan Happier Than Neighboring Countries

TNT Desk
Islamabad: Pakistanis are relatively happier compared to people from neighboring countries including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan, according to the World Happiness Report. The...
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Russia and China Plan Joint Project to Establish Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon

TNT Desk
Moscow, Beijing: Russia and China have initiated discussions on a joint project to establish a nuclear power plant on the moon. Yuri Borisov, the chairman...
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Indian PM Modi Congratulates Shehbaz Sharif on Being Elected Prime Minister

TNT Desk
Islamabad: The Indian Prime Minister has congratulated Shehbaz Sharif on assuming the position of Prime Minister. On Tuesday Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended congratulations...
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Israel Continues Barbaric Attacks in Gaza, 118 More Palestinians Martyred, 163 Injured

TNT Desk
Gaza: Israel continues its attacks on residential areas and hospitals in Gaza, with relentless Zionist bombardment resulting in the martyrdom and injury of hundreds more...
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Understanding Contemporary Capitalist Order

Dr. Javed Akbar Ansari
Capitalism is both a lifeworld and a governance system. As Islamic revolutionaries we are struggling to overcome capitalism but this struggle in its predominant form...
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US Vetoes Another UN Security Council Resolution Calling for Ceasefire in Gaza

TNT Desk
United Nations: Amidst the ongoing turmoil in Gaza, the United Nations Security Council convened in a critical emergency session, seeking to address the escalating humanitarian...
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The Culture of Lies

Shahnawaz Farooqi
There is a famous incident of Imam Bukhari. He came to know that a person had a hadith (saying of Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Imam Bukhari...