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Iftar Recognized as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

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Paris: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the global cultural organization, has officially recognized Iftar as cultural heritage, making a formal announcement...
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Russia to Provide Fighter Jets to Iran

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Tehran: Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Mahdi Farahi has stated that arrangements for the provision of multiple Russian fighter jets to Iran have been...
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Pakistan Imposes Ban on Importing Wheat from India and Israel

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Islamabad: Pakistan has imposed a ban on importing wheat from India and Israel, as well as restricting wheat imports from other regions, including Ukrainian areas...
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Houthis Seize Israeli Ship in the Red Sea

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Jerusalem: Houthis from Yemen have seized an Israeli ship in the southern Red Sea. According to international news agencies, Israel had stated that Houthi rebels...
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Iran Claims Neutralizing Israeli Drone Attack and Arrest of 3 Mossad Spies

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Tehran: Iran has made a claim of neutralizing an Israeli drone attack and arresting 3 spies. According to news agencies, Iran has captured 3 Israeli...
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Iran Warns of Severe Consequences for the U.S. if No Ceasefire in Gaza

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Tehran: Iran has issued a warning, stating that if there is no ceasefire in Gaza, the United States will suffer severe consequences. While condemning the...
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Those Accepting Israel Have Invested in a Defeated Horse: Iranian President

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Tehran: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has sharply criticized Muslim countries that have normalized relations with Israel, stating that there is only one response to aggression,...
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30 Bombs Defused Across Tehran, 28 Individuals Involved Taken into Custody

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Tehran: Iranian authorities have successfully defused 30 time bombs simultaneously in Tehran and apprehended 28 individuals affiliated with ISIS. The country’s Ministry of Intelligence has...