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Voice of America Restrains Journalists from Using the Term “Terrorist” for Hamas

TNT Desk
New York: The U.S. government-funded news organization, Voice of America (VOA), prohibited its journalists from using the term “terrorist” for Hamas. The American newspaper The...
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Google Testing Change in Search Bar Placement in its Application

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San Francisco: Google is testing a change in the placement of the search bar in its application, according to official sources. According to reputable news...
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Diseases Could Kill More in Gaza Than Israeli Bombs, says World Health Organization

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Geneva: The World Health Organization has warned that in Gaza, the threat of deaths from diseases is greater than that from the war. According to...
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The Mysterious Relationship b/w Uncle Sam & UFOs

Usman Ahmad Butt
Many UFO sightings have been identified by government officials and the scientific community as fake or misunderstandings generated within the public. There are some sightings...
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Honda Set to Introduce Electric Bikes in Pakistan

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Islamabad: Atlas Honda has recently announced that it will introduce electric bikes in Pakistan. According to official sources, the company has announced the introduction of...
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NASA Achieves Milestone in Deep Space Communication with Laser Test

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Washington: NASA, the American space agency, has successfully experimented with receiving messages from a spacecraft located 16 million kilometers away using laser signals. NASA has...
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Online Facility for Travelers: Pakistan Railways Launches RABTA App

TNT Desk
Lahore: Pakistan Railways has launched a Railway Automated Booking and Travel Assistance (RABTA) app in Lahore to provide online services to travelers. The caretaker Railways...
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Scientists Invent New Passive Cooling of Buildings

TNT Desk
Beijing: Scientists have discovered a new method to increase cooling in buildings, contributing to energy conservation. According to news agencies, Chinese scientists have developed a...