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New Blood Test Could Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks

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Edinburgh: Medical experts have obtained results from a study suggesting that a new blood test could assist in reducing the risks of heart attacks. According...
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Use of Dried Fruits in Winters Beneficial for Human Health

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Karachi: The consumption of dried fruits in winter can strengthen the immune system, and regular use of various dried fruits has proven to be quite...
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Diseases Could Kill More in Gaza Than Israeli Bombs, says World Health Organization

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Geneva: The World Health Organization has warned that in Gaza, the threat of deaths from diseases is greater than that from the war. According to...
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Govt. to Launch National Programs for Diabetes and Hepatitis Prevention in Pakistan

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Islamabad: The caretaker government has decided to initiate a national-level program for the prevention of diabetes and hepatitis. According to details, a meeting under the...
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Pneumonia Rapidly Spreading in Balochistan: Precautionary Measures Advised

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Quetta: In comparison to other provinces, pneumonia cases are rapidly increasing in Balochistan, affecting children and individuals of advanced age the most. It is imperative...
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Research: Dangerous Consequences of Sleeping For Less Than 5 Hours

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London: Medical experts have obtained results from a study indicating that if the duration of sleep is less than 5 hours, it poses a dangerous...
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Breaking The Silence: Mental Health Stigma in Pakistan

Usman Ahmad Butt
I think we are all familiar with the term “therapy”. It is a treatment method used by healthcare professionals for patients who have physical or...
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Anti-Polio Campaign to Begin in Sindh from 27th November

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Karachi: Following the emergence of polio cases in Sindh, the polio eradication campaign will kick off in the province from 27th November to 3rd December....