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Halal-Certified Products Banned in Uttar Pradesh, India

TNT Desk
Uttar Pradesh: The government of Uttar Pradesh, led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has imposed a ban on food products and medicines labeled as “Halal,”...
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Benefits of Eating Strawberries for Brain Health

TNT Desk
Cincinnati: Medical experts have obtained results in a study suggesting that if you want to improve brain health, consume strawberries. Experts say that the most...
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Navigating The World Of Tea Sweeteners: A Sip With Sugar, Honey and Beyond

Usman Ahmad Butt
I think we all know that tea is the most popular beverage around the globe, especially in South Asia. According to Dr. Abdul Waheed from...
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The Silent Storm: Prevalence of Obesity in Pakistan

Usman Ahmad Butt
Obesity is a medical condition that is widespread in developed nations like the United States, with its fast-food culture and hyper-consumerist market. It is now...
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Use of Chinese Agricultural Technology to Increase Grain Production in Pakistan

TNT Desk
Lanzhou: Asfa Batool, a Pakistani post-doctoral student at Lanzhou University in China, is persistently conducting her research on dryland farming with the hope of applying...
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Quetta: Tandoor Owners’ Strike Continues on the Third Day

TNT Desk
Quetta: The strike by tandoor owners is ongoing for the third day, causing difficulties for citizens due to the closure of tandoors in the city....