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SPARC Urges Government to Raise Cigarette Prices to Deter Youth from Tobacco Use

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Islamabad: The Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) has called upon the government to take decisive action to reduce the...
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Sudden Heart Attack Claims Life of Cricket Enthusiast During Match in India

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New Delhi: A cricket enthusiast collapsed and died due to a heart attack during a cricket match in the city of Noida, India. According to...
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Five More Countries Join BRICS, Pakistan Also Actively Pursuing Inclusion

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Moscow: After the addition of five more countries, the expanding economic group BRICS now comprises 10 members, with Pakistan and several other nations actively striving...
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U.S. Fulbright Scholarship Program 2024 Open for Pakistani Students

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Islamabad: The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) has invited students to apply for the prestigious Fulbright Student Program 2024. In a press release...
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Use of Dried Fruits in Winters Beneficial for Human Health

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Karachi: The consumption of dried fruits in winter can strengthen the immune system, and regular use of various dried fruits has proven to be quite...
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Pneumonia Rapidly Spreading in Balochistan: Precautionary Measures Advised

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Quetta: In comparison to other provinces, pneumonia cases are rapidly increasing in Balochistan, affecting children and individuals of advanced age the most. It is imperative...
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Diabetes and Depression Increasing the Risk of Death

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New York: Medical experts have revealed that diabetes and depression are becoming factors that increase the risk of death. According to the World Health Organization,...
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Navigating The World Of Tea Sweeteners: A Sip With Sugar, Honey and Beyond

Usman Ahmad Butt
I think we all know that tea is the most popular beverage around the globe, especially in South Asia. According to Dr. Abdul Waheed from...
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Blueberries Are Best for Diabetes Patients

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Washington: Nutrition experts at the University of Maryland have recommended blueberries for diabetes patients. It’s worth noting that in diabetes, the human body cannot produce...
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4 Foods Responsible for Heart Diseases

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Nutrition experts suggest that sugar, honey, potatoes, and salty foods are the kinds of foods that thicken the blood and affect blood circulation in the...