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Urgent Need for Muslim Unity on Gaza, Talks Between Erdogan and UAE President

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Dubai: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a meeting with the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, discussing the...
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Truce Ends, Israeli Bombing on Gaza Starts Once Again; 240 Palestinians Killed

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Following the end of the truce, intense bombing by Israeli on Gaza started once again resulting in the death of 240 Palestinians and injuries to...
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More Than 6,500 Palestinians Still Trapped under Rubble in Gaza

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Gaza: The press office of the Palestinian government has stated that over 6,500 Palestinians are still trapped under the rubble since .October 7. According to...
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Pakistan Calls for UN to Establish a Tribunal to Probe Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

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New York: Pakistan, condemning the use of disproportionate force and indiscriminate attacks by Israel in Gaza, has urged the central bodies of the United Nations...
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Saudi Arabia Extends $3 Billion Deposit to Support Pakistan’s Economy

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Karachi: State Bank of Pakistan announced on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia has agreed to extend a $3 billion deposit for an additional year, providing crucial...
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Russia to Provide Fighter Jets to Iran

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Tehran: Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Mahdi Farahi has stated that arrangements for the provision of multiple Russian fighter jets to Iran have been...
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Infant Found Alive under Rubble in Gaza after 37 Days, Breathing Restored

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Occupied Jerusalem: In Gaza, an infant who had been buried under the rubble for the past 37 days has been found alive, and after receiving...
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Diseases Could Kill More in Gaza Than Israeli Bombs, says World Health Organization

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Geneva: The World Health Organization has warned that in Gaza, the threat of deaths from diseases is greater than that from the war. According to...
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395 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Israel’s War on Gaza

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Gaza: The number of Israeli soldiers killed in the war from October 7th until now has reached 395. Israeli newspapers have revealed that there are...
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UN Chief Says Extended Gaza Truce is Insufficient to Meet Aid Needs

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New York: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has declared the extension of two days to the previously four-day truce as an extremely short duration to...