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The Intellectual Endowments of the Muslims Upon the Modern Western World

Shahnawaz Farooqi
Preface In the Muslim world, the awe-struck admiration of the West resembles a spiritual, psychological, mental, intellectual, civilizational, and historical sickness. This ailment has shattered...
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Pakistani Craftsman of Kaaba’s Central Door and Hajr-e-Aswad Cover Passes Away

TNT Desk
Mecca: Muhammad Ashiq Hussain, the owner of the company that made the central door of the Kaaba and the cover of Hajr-e-Aswad, and hailing from...
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Medina: Sheikh Ismail, Who Offered Free Tea to Pilgrims for 40 Years, Passes Away

TNT Desk
Medina: Sheikh Ismail Al-Zaim Abu Al-Sabaa, who had been providing free tea and coffee to pilgrims in Medina for 40 years, passed away at the...
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Record Attendance of Pilgrims at Prophet’s Mosque in One Week in Medina

TNT Desk
Medina: During one week at the Prophet’s Mosque, a record number of pilgrims from around the world attended. According to Saudi media, the authorities of...