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Pakistan Launches First Satellite Moon Mission, iCube Qamar, in Collaboration with China

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Islamabad: In a historic milestone for Pakistan’s space exploration, the country has launched its first satellite mission to the moon, iCube Qamar, from Hainan, China....
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Russia and China Plan Joint Project to Establish Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon

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Moscow, Beijing: Russia and China have initiated discussions on a joint project to establish a nuclear power plant on the moon. Yuri Borisov, the chairman...
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First U.S. Moon Landing Attempt in Over 50 Years Fails; Craft Crashes into the Ocean

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Washington: The highly-anticipated first US mission to soft-land on the moon since Apollo 17, 1972, faced a devastating setback as the Peregrine lunar lander, developed...
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Race to Reach the Moon: Japan Set to Become the Fifth Country in the World

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Tokyo: Japan is on track to become the fifth country in the world in the race to reach the moon. According to international news agencies,...