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‘True Promise’: Why Iran Launched Historic Attack on Israel

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Tehran: In an unprecedented move, Iran has executed the largest drone strike and missile attack in its history, directly targeting Israel in retaliation for an...
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Iran Executes 4 Men Convicted of Spying for Israel

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Tehran: In Iran, four individuals accused of spying for Israel have been executed by hanging. According to international news agencies, the Iranian judiciary has confirmed...
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Pakistan Recalls Ambassador from Iran Following “Violation of Pakistan’s Sovereignty”

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Islamabad: In a move reflecting heightened tensions between Pakistan and Iran, Pakistan has recalled its ambassador from Tehran after on Tuesday Iran launched missile attacks...
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Iran Warns of Severe Consequences for the U.S. if No Ceasefire in Gaza

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Tehran: Iran has issued a warning, stating that if there is no ceasefire in Gaza, the United States will suffer severe consequences. While condemning the...
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Iran Warns Israel of Possible Preemptive Action Over Israeli Crimes in Gaza

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Tehran: Iran has issued another warning against Israel stating that they cannot remain silent spectators to Israel’s crimes in Gaza and that a resistance front...
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30 Bombs Defused Across Tehran, 28 Individuals Involved Taken into Custody

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Tehran: Iranian authorities have successfully defused 30 time bombs simultaneously in Tehran and apprehended 28 individuals affiliated with ISIS. The country’s Ministry of Intelligence has...