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Russia-NATO Confrontation Will be Just One Step from World War III: Putin Warns

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Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stark warning to the West, cautioning that a direct confrontation between Russia and the U.S.-led NATO alliance would...
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Bolivia and Colombia Back Brazil’s Comparison of Israeli Aggression to the Holocaust

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London: Colombia and Bolivia have expressed solidarity with Brazil amidst a diplomatic row with Israel following Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s comments on...
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Indian RAW Involved in the Killing of Pakistani Citizens

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Islamabad: Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, revealed on Thursday that the Indian intelligence agency Research Analysis Wing (RAW) is involved in the...
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Russian Plane Carrying Ukrainian Prisoners of War Crashes, All 74 Onboard Killed

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Moscow: A Russian plane, carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war, crashed, resulting in the death of all 74 individuals onboard. According to international news agencies, the...
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Cipher’s Intended Recipient was Gen. Bajwa, Shah Mahmood Qureshi Found it by “Chance”, says Imran Khan

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Islamabad: Imran Khan, former chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has disclosed that Shah Mahmood Qureshi accidentally stumbled upon the American diplomatic cipher document, alleging its...
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Trade Activities Halted for the 10th Consecutive Day Due to Closure of Pak-Afghan Torkham Border

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Islamabad: Trade activities remain halted for the tenth consecutive day on the Pak-Afghan Torkham border, with long queues of cargo trucks on both sides of...
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Pakistan Starts Monitoring of All Flights from Iran and the West

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Islamabad: Pakistan has started monitoring all flights arriving from Iran and the western region, including. According to sources, every activity in the airspace along the...
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Pakistan Responds to Iran’s Attack with Strikes on Terrorist Hideouts in Iran

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Islamabad: In response to Iran’s violation of its sovereignty, this morning Pakistan swiftly executed a precision military operation, codenamed “Marg Bar Sarmachar,” targeting terrorist hideouts...
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Pakistan Recalls Ambassador from Iran Following “Violation of Pakistan’s Sovereignty”

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Islamabad: In a move reflecting heightened tensions between Pakistan and Iran, Pakistan has recalled its ambassador from Tehran after on Tuesday Iran launched missile attacks...