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An Appeal to the Islamic Republic of Iran

Syed Haider Abbas
Achievement of the Islamic Republic Perhaps our greatest achievement in recent years has been the establishment and survival of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Other...
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Use of the Word “Party” Declared a Criminal Offense in Afghanistan

TNT Desk
Kabul: Following restrictions on political parties in Afghanistan, the use of the word “party” has also been declared a criminal offense. In a press conference,...
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Pakistan, Afghanistan Finalize Preferential Trade Agreement

TNT Desk
Kabul: Significant progress has been made in Pakistan-Afghanistan relations, and a preferential trade agreement has been finalized between the two countries. According to sources, under...
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UN Praises Taliban Government for Allowing Girls’ Entry into Medical Colleges

TNT Desk
Kabul: The United Nations Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) has welcomed the decision by the Taliban government of Afghanistan to allow girls entry into medical colleges....
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Last 2 Afghan Prisoners Released from Guantanamo Jail after 22 Years

TNT Desk
Kabul: The last two Afghan prisoners held under the notorious American regime at Guantanamo Bay have been released after 22 years, returning to the Afghan...
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Trade Activities Halted for the 10th Consecutive Day Due to Closure of Pak-Afghan Torkham Border

TNT Desk
Islamabad: Trade activities remain halted for the tenth consecutive day on the Pak-Afghan Torkham border, with long queues of cargo trucks on both sides of...
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Russian Aircraft That Crashed in Afghanistan, Remained in Pakistani Airspace for 45 Minutes

TNT Desk
Islamabad: An aircraft bound for Tashkent from India, which ultimately crashed in Afghanistan, remained in Pakistani airspace for 45 minutes. According to sources at the...
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Afghanistan Govt. Launches 110 Development Projects

TNT Desk
Kabul: The Ministry of Public Affairs in Afghanistan has initiated more than 110 developmental and maintenance projects since March 21, 2023. According to Ashraf Haqshenas,...
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Kabul: Blast in Minibus Claims 3 Lives, Injures 4

TNT Desk
Kabul: An explosion has occurred in a minibus in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, resulting in the death of 3 and injured 4. According...