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Use of the Word “Party” Declared a Criminal Offense in Afghanistan

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Kabul: Following restrictions on political parties in Afghanistan, the use of the word “party” has also been declared a criminal offense. In a press conference,...
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UN Praises Taliban Government for Allowing Girls’ Entry into Medical Colleges

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Kabul: The United Nations Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) has welcomed the decision by the Taliban government of Afghanistan to allow girls entry into medical colleges....
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Last 2 Afghan Prisoners Released from Guantanamo Jail after 22 Years

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Kabul: The last two Afghan prisoners held under the notorious American regime at Guantanamo Bay have been released after 22 years, returning to the Afghan...
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Afghanistan Govt. Launches 110 Development Projects

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Kabul: The Ministry of Public Affairs in Afghanistan has initiated more than 110 developmental and maintenance projects since March 21, 2023. According to Ashraf Haqshenas,...
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Taliban Government Provides Education to Over 25,000 Begging Children

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Kabul: The Taliban government in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has collected more than 25,000 begging children from the streets and provided access to education....
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Chaotic and humiliating farewell: US completes troops withdrawal as final flight leaves Kabul

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KABUL, Afghanistan: The final US military planes left the Kabul airport, officially ending the United States’s 20-year war in Afghanistan after a chaotic evacuation effort...