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Pakistan’s Resolve Against Terrorism Unwavering: COAS Asim Munir

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Rawalpindi: The Chief of Army Staff, General Asim Munir, has reaffirmed the resolve of the armed forces to eradicate terrorism from the country. In response...
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Israeli Drone Attack in Lebanon Targets Hezbollah Commanders; 2 Martyred

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Beirut: Israel has once again targeted a vehicle carrying Hezbollah commanders in Lebanon in a drone attack, resulting in the martyrdom of 2 commanders of...
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Pakistan Starts Monitoring of All Flights from Iran and the West

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Islamabad: Pakistan has started monitoring all flights arriving from Iran and the western region, including. According to sources, every activity in the airspace along the...
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Pakistan Responds to Iran’s Attack with Strikes on Terrorist Hideouts in Iran

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Islamabad: In response to Iran’s violation of its sovereignty, this morning Pakistan swiftly executed a precision military operation, codenamed “Marg Bar Sarmachar,” targeting terrorist hideouts...
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Kabul: Blast in Minibus Claims 3 Lives, Injures 4

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Kabul: An explosion has occurred in a minibus in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, resulting in the death of 3 and injured 4. According...
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Southern Lebanon: Israeli Airstrike Claims the Life of Hezbollah’s Senior Commander Wissam Al-Tawil

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Beirut: Israeli forces, through an aerial attack in southern Lebanon, have martyred senior Hezbollah commander Wissam Al-Tawil, along with his companion. According to media reports,...
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Iran: 84 Killed in Explosions Near General Qassem Soleimani’s Mausoleum

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Tehran: In Iran, 84 people lost their lives in explosions near the mausoleum of General Qassem Soleimani. According to international news agencies, two explosions occurred...
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Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Calling for Strict Penalties Against Anti-Army Propaganda

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Islamabad: The Senate of Pakistan has approved a resolution demanding stringent penalties for people involved in disseminating negative and malicious propaganda against the Pakistan Army...
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Fighting Terrorism Didn’t Mean ‘Flattening Gaza’: Macron Criticizes Israeli Actions in Gaza

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Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized the importance of precision in counterterrorism efforts, cautioning against measures leading to the widespread destruction of Gaza. Speaking in...
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COAS Meets U.S. Think Tanks and Media, says Pakistan “eschews Bloc Politics”

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Rawalpindi: Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Syed Asim Munir, engaged in a candid discourse with members of prominent US think tanks and media....