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Henry Kissinger: The Godfather of Formulating Foreign Policy

Usman Ahmad Butt
November 29, 2023, is the date that will be remembered by many as Henry Kissinger, a towering figure in American diplomacy, passes away at the...
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America: Indian Official Charged with Plot to Kill Sikh Leader

TNT Desk
Washington: An Indian government official has been charged in the United States with involvement in the conspiracy to murder a Sikh leader living in New...
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3 Palestinian Students Shot in Vermont, USA by Extremist

TNT Desk
New York: In the state of Vermont, USA, an armed extremist has critically injured three Palestinian students by opening fire. According to international media, the...
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Following Zionist Nuclear Threat, U.S. Sends Nuclear Submarine to the Middle East

TNT Desk
Washington: The United States has made an official announcement regarding the deployment of nuclear a submarine to the Middle East. This development comes at a...
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Florida Imposes Ban on Pro-Palestinian Student Groups

TNT Desk
Tallahassee: The U.S. state of Florida has imposed a ban on student groups supporting Palestine. According to international news sources, the Governor of Florida, Ron...
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US and Other Countries Announce To Continue their Support for Israel

TNT Desk
Washington: The United States, along with Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada, has issued a joint statement declaring continued support for Israel. According to the...
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Hundreds of Jewish Protesters in America Arrested for Demonstrating Against Israeli Attacks

TNT Desk
Washington: In the United States, hundreds of Jews have been arrested for protesting against Israeli attacks on Gaza. According to international news agencies, nearly 500...
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Historic Palestine March in Draws Tens of Thousands of Supporters

TNT Desk
Karachi: The “Palestine March” took place on Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, on Sunday under the leadership of Jamaat-e-Islami. The event became a remarkable manifestation of unity and...