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America: Alarming Increase in Suicide Rate Among Youth up to 19 Years

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Washington: The suicide rate among youth up to 19 years old in America has reached a dangerous level. According to international news agencies, the results...
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Dangerous Increase in the Number of People Affected by Mental Disorders Worldwide

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Geneva: There is a dangerous increase in the number of people affected by mental disorders worldwide, which has been warned by the World Health Organization....
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Mental Health Issues Have Become Fatal, Medical Experts Concerned

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Washington: Experts have revealed from new medical experiments that mental health issues are adopting a deadly form for humans, prompting experts to initiate research to...
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The Paradox of Victory and Success

Qasim Ali Shah
The light coming from the window of the room was getting dimmer and dimmer, shadows of the sunset were covering the horizon while the room...
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India Tops Global Risk Ranking for Misinformation and Disinformation: WEF Report

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New York: The Global Risk Report of the World Economic Forum has been released, highlighting India as facing the highest risk of misinformation and disinformation...
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Bigger Families Linked to Poorer Mental Health in Children, Study Finds

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London: Scientists have revealed that big families with more children may face increased mental health challenges among siblings, according to a study published in the...
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Furry Friends and Happiness: The Joyful Bond Between Pets and Their Humans

Sohail Hashmi
In the intricate dance of life, there exists a unique and profoundly rewarding companionship—the one we share with our pets. Beyond the wagging tails and...
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Research: Lack of Sleep Leads to Decreased Positive Emotions

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Narowal: Researchers have concluded from a study that individuals with insufficient sleep experience a reduction in positive emotions. According to news agencies, the University of...
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Educational Institutions Not Immune to Drug Menace, says Health Minister Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz

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Karachi: Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz, the caretaker Health Minister of Sindh, has expressed concern over the rapidly increasing use of drugs in Pakistan. He stated...