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American Activist Shaun King and Wife Accept Islam

TNT Desk
Washington: Shaun King, a famous American writer and activist, along with his wife publicly announced their conversion to Islam, marking the beginning of Ramadan with...
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Unjust Insults and a Call for Justice: #Halwa Incident Sparks Outrage in Lahore

Mehwish Salman Ali
In a recent incident at Ichra Bazaar, Lahore, the meaning of a simple word sparked a firestorm of ignorance and cruelty. The word in question?...
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The Paradox of Victory and Success

Qasim Ali Shah
The light coming from the window of the room was getting dimmer and dimmer, shadows of the sunset were covering the horizon while the room...
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Furry Friends and Happiness: The Joyful Bond Between Pets and Their Humans

Sohail Hashmi
In the intricate dance of life, there exists a unique and profoundly rewarding companionship—the one we share with our pets. Beyond the wagging tails and...