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NEPRA Approves Electricity Price Hike by Rs 7.5 per Unit

TNT Desk
Islamabad: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved an increase in electricity tariffs. The surge, set at Rs 7.5 per unit, will come...
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Surge in Electricity Price by Rs 2.87 per Unit for Karachi

TNT Desk
Islamabad: The National Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has once again approved an increase in electricity prices for Karachi, increasing it by Rs 2.87 per unit....
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Approval to Impose Additional Surcharge on KE Electric Consumers

TNT Desk
Islamabad: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has granted approval to impose an additional surcharge of PKR 1.52 per unit on KE electric consumers....
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13 Practical Ways to Save Electricity at Home in Pakistan Amid Inflation

Sohail Hashmi
Electricity is a valuable resource that plays an integral role in our daily lives. However, with increasing electricity prices and inflation in Pakistan, it’s crucial...
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Possibility of Another Electricity Price Hike for Karachiites in a Single Quarterly Adjustment

TNT Desk
Karachi: The series of electricity becoming more expensive for the residents of the city of Quaid is not coming to a halt. Following this, a...
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Electricity Becomes More Expensive for Karachi Consumers

TNT Desk
Karachi: Electricity has become more expensive for consumers in the city. According to a report by private TV channels, the federal government has approved the...
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Mother of Four and a Young Man Commit Suicide on Receiving High Electricity Bills

TNT Desk
Two tragic incidents of suicide have occurred, one in Jahanian and the other in Dijkot, both related to the significant increase in electricity prices. These...