Rocket attacks on Gaza strip

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Gaza: Israeli Airstrike Claims the Life of a One-Day-Old Child

TNT Desk
Gaza: In Gaza, a one-day-old child who had just come into this world lost his life due to the relentless and barbaric Israeli military bombardment....
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Orthodox Jewish Delegation in Gaza: “We Stand with the Palestinian State and People”

TNT Desk
Gaza: A delegation of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews met with the Palestinian leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, declaring their solidarity with the Palestinian state and people....
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Hamas Attacks Kill 700 Israelis, While Retaliatory Strikes Leave +500 Palestinians Martyred

TNT Desk
Jerusalem: Violent clashes continued between Palestine and Israel for another day, with Hamas launching attacks that resulted in over 700 casualties, including Israeli soldiers. Approximately...
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Understanding ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ and Why It’s Not Surprising

Tamjid Aijazi
In a significant escalation of tensions, Hamas, the Palestinian resistance group, launched a major military operation against Israel on Saturday. The operation, named “Operation Al-Aqsa...