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Individuality in the Era of Social media: Lost or Redefined?

Usman Ahmad Butt
In the world of 2023, a time dominated by social media trends and the vast landscape of digital space, the concept of individuality is undergoing...
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Hunza and Japan: Longevity, Aging, and the Quest for Balance

Usman Ahmad Butt
The aging population is one of the most pressing issues confronting developed countries. The world’s industrialized economies are concerned about the recent birth rate and...
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The Art Of Patience: Strategies to Stay Calm and Composed

Usman Ahmad Butt
In today’s AI-dominated digital world, patience is a virtue that often seems to be in short supply, particularly within our younger generation. The short supply...
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Queen Rania’s Bold Stance: Unveiling Her Unwavering Support for Palestine

Usman Ahmad Butt
Amidst the global chaos, particularly the latest developments in the Israel-Palestine conflict, an illuminating interview between CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour and Queen Rania of Jordan—a...
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Noam Chomsky’s Insight into the Global Affairs of the 21st Century

Usman Ahmad Butt
When it comes to understanding global politics down to its minute details, Noam Chomsky is the ideal individual who is widely known for his involvement...
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Unscripted Stardom: – World of Pakistani Artists Without Agents and Managers

Usman Ahmad Butt
In the world of fame and stardom, an industry that is known for its red carpets, extravagant events, and scandalous stories that will even make...
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Exploring the Enchanted Landscapes: Traveling in Pakistan’s Northern Regions

Usman Ahmad Butt
In this day and age where urbanization is at its peak, we all have to admit this fact: we all need a break from the...