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Mohsin-e-Pakistan: Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s Nuclear Legacy

Usman Ahmad Butt
There is no doubt that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has played a critical role in developing our national defense strategy to counter foreign threats. Many...
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Neo-Colonialism: Rising Threat to Subcontinent

Usman Ahmad Butt
In recent years, I have noticed how the young generation of the subcontinent is slowly forgetting about the past colonial timeline, where atrocities were committed...
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Sri Lanka to Sell 100,000 Monkeys to China

TNT Desk
Colombo: Sri Lanka has decided to sell 100,000 monkeys to China, a move that has sparked concern internationally. According to media reports, struggling with a...
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Another South Asian Flashpoint: Economic & Political Crises in Bangladesh

Usman Ahmad Butt
The COVID-19 pandemic altered the course of history; it was not the end-of-the-world scenario that a lot of movies and television shows attempt to portray...
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Western Imperialism in the Subcontinent: A Review of “Inglorious Empire”

Usman Ahmad Butt
It is no secret that the nations of the East are the victims of the inhumane exploitation conducted by the Western world. Even in the...
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The War of Independence of 1857 and Harsh Realities

Shahnawaz Farooqi
America and its allies committed aggression against Iraq, claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that posed a threat to the security of...