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Alkhidmat Prepares Search and Rescue Teams in Response to Morocco Earthquake

Lahore: Alkhidmat Disaster Management Program convened an emergency meeting to address the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco. The meeting’s primary objectives were to assess and prepare the Search and Rescue (SAR) teams under the Alkhidmat Foundation’s Disaster Management Program.

Key figures in attendance at the meeting included the President of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Professor Dr. Hafeezur Rehman, Vice President Muhammad Abdul Shakoor, Chairman of the Disaster Management Program Aijaz Ullah Khan, along other officials.

During the gathering, Professor Dr. Hafeezur Rehman emphasized the unwavering support of the Alkhidmat Foundation and the Pakistani people for their Moroccan brothers and sisters. He highlighted the advanced search and rescue equipment at the disposal of the Alkhidmat’s Disaster Management teams. Dr. Rehman stated that Alkhidmat’s rescue teams are on high alert and can be dispatched to Morocco if necessary.

He further stated that in addition to search and rescue efforts, AlKhidmat can also provide medical assistance. For this purpose, AlKhidmat has a qualified team of orthopedic surgeons who conducted examinations and treatments for earthquake victims in Turkey recently.