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Massive Corruption by Modi Government Exposed Before Elections

TNT Desk
New Delhi: Massive corruption by the Modi government has been exposed before the elections. Through the passage of Electoral Bonds in 2017, the BJP executed...
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Over 10 Thousand Traffic Challans Worth Rs. 10 Million Collected Daily from Karachi Citizens

TNT Desk
Karachi: The number of daily traffic challans collected from the citizens of Karachi has exceeded 10,000, with approximately 10 millions rupees being collected from citizens...
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Karachi Street Crimes Surge: Opposition Blames Sindh Police

TNT Desk
Karachi: Amidst a disturbing surge in street crimes plaguing Karachi, opposition members of the Sindh Assembly have pointed fingers at the Karachi police, holding them...
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Army had Nothing to do with Electoral Process Other Than Providing Security, says Military Top Brass

TNT Desk
Rawalpindi: The Corps Commanders Conference has stated that the armed forces of Pakistan had nothing to do with the electoral process other than providing security...
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Anti-Hero: Lack Of Conventional Heroic Qualities in Intelligence Agencies

Usman Ahmad Butt
We are all familiar with the term “intelligence agency,” a term that is surrounded by controversy and darkness. When it comes to intelligence agencies, they...