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Prominent Palestinian Scientist Martyred in Israeli Airstrike in Gaza

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Gaza: In the ongoing barbaric bombardment by Israel on Gaza, the renowned Palestinian scientist and the head of the Islamic University in Gaza, Sufyan Tayeh,...
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Infant Found Alive under Rubble in Gaza after 37 Days, Breathing Restored

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Occupied Jerusalem: In Gaza, an infant who had been buried under the rubble for the past 37 days has been found alive, and after receiving...
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Hamas-Israel Ceasefire Talks: U.S. Secretary Meets Turkish Counterpart

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Ankara: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a meeting with his Turkish counterpart, Hakan Fidan, to discuss negotiations for a ceasefire between Israel and...
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Intense Israeli Airstrikes Near Turkish Friendship Hospital, 23 More Palestinians Martyred

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Gaza: In Gaza, near the Turkish Friendship Hospital and other areas another 23 Palestinians were martyred in intense Israeli airstrikes. According to Arab media reports,...
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Israeli Attacks on Gaza Continue for the 24th Day, Palestinian Death Toll Exceeds 9,000

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Gaza: Israeli attacks on Gaza continue for the 24th consecutive day, and the number of Palestinian martyrs has crossed 9,000. The intensity of Israeli military...
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Russia Sends 27 Tons of Aid to Gaza

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Moscow: Russia has dispatched 27 tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza. According to international media reports, Russian authorities stated that on Thursday,...
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Hospitals in Gaza Forced to Operate on Patients Without Anesthesia

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Gaza: Relentless Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, which have continued for the 12th day, coupled with strict blockades, have led to the depletion of essential facilities...