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OpenAI’s ex-CEO Joins Microsoft AI Team

TNT Desk
Artificial intelligence genius, ex-CEO of OpenAI, best known for its AI chatbot ChatGPT, Sam Altman, renowned for AI-driven chat and assistance in various types of...
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Meta Introduces AI Chatbot on WhatsApp

TNT Desk
The instant messaging and calling app WhatsApp has now introduced an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot for beta users. According to media reports, AI chatbot is...
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Exploring Digital Landscape: An Intro To The World Of Freeware, Open-Source & Paid Applications

Usman Ahmad Butt
With the introduction of social media applications and the Internet in the 21st century, humanity is experiencing a digital transformation. Millions of users are exploring...
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Unlocking the Power of AI Chatbots: 12 Benefits of AI Chatbots like ChatGPT

Yasir Hussain
Imagine having a friend who’s always there to help, answer your questions, or even engage in fascinating conversations with you. Well, in the digital age,...