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Hafiz Naeem Calls on Karachiites to Join Protest Against Inflation Today at 5 PM

Karachi: The chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi, Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman has appealed to the people of Karachi to come out on the streets, switch off their motorcycles and cars, and leave them parked on the streets, to protest against the ruthless increase in the prices petroleum of products, refusal to reduce heavy electricity bills and taxes, imposing all burden on the public instead of taxing landlords, and not ending perks and free electricity and petrol given to rulers, ministers, top officials and elite class.

He called for complete unity and solidarity to save themselves from the oppressive and corrupt ruling class for a better future for themselves and their children. He encouraged peaceful and organized resistance and struggle.

During the protest, if there is an ambulance, ensure a clear path for its passage, he added.

He said Karachi is a mini-Pakistan where people from country’s all regions and speaking various languages reside. When Karachi awakens, the whole country awakens. The people of Karachi should raise such a loud voice through protest on Tuesday that its echo reaches not just Islamabad but globally, he said.

Hafiz Naeem said the countrywide protest movement of Jamaat-e-Islami under Siraj ul Haq is continuing, sit-ins are being held at all four Governor Houses as appealed, and 15 protest rallies will also be held at various places in Karachi today.

He said the current incompetent government and past PDM and all previous governments trapped the country into IMF loans and wasted them all due to their incompetence and corruption. The conditions of the ruling elite improved but the public remained in miserable condition. The incompetent and corrupt rulers have pushed the country and 25 crore people into default. The patience of the poor and middle classes has run out.

The extravagance, royal spending, free electricity, petrol, and other perks of the rulers are funded by hard-earned money and the blood of the public. The rulers are oblivious to the problems, difficulties, and miseries of the people. The feudal class, which is part of every government as an ally of some party, paid only 4 billion rupees in tax in the whole year while the salaried class paid 264 billion. Petrol and electricity prices can be halved if tax is collected from this feudal class too.

Hafiz Naeem ur Rahman stated that the current situation is such that not only the public and middle class but traders and industrialists are also troubled. The economy and businesses are being destroyed and industries are closing down. Along with the public, traders are also protesting.