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Dollar Continues to Surge, Reaches 331 Rupees in Open Market

Karachi: Pakistan is witnessing a continuous increase in the value of the dollar against the rupee, as on Monday, the dollar reached 331 rupees in the open market.

According to official sources, the first day of the business week saw a sharp rise in the dollar’s value, with the dollar reaching its highest level at 331 rupees, accompanied by a significant increase of 3 rupees.

In the interbank market, the value of the dollar remained relatively stable on Monday, with a slight decrease in its value against the rupee. However, by the end of the business day, the dollar closed at 305 rupees and 74 paisas, with an increase of 18 paisas.

On the other hand, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a bullish trend today, in contrast to the previous week, with a gain of 419 points, and the KSE-100 index surged to 45,732 points with a rapid increase.