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TikTok Banned

NYC: In line with a growing trend among federal agencies and states in the U.S., New York City has made the decision to ban the use of TikTok on government-owned devices due to security concerns associated with the app.

In an official statement, a spokesperson from New York City Hall revealed that all government agencies are mandated to uninstall the popular short-form video-sharing app from their devices within the next month.

To ensure the safety and integrity of its networks, city employees will lose access to both the TikTok app and its website on all city-owned devices and networks.

The city’s Cyber Command, responsible for safeguarding New York City’s technical systems against cyber threats, conducted a thorough evaluation that led to the determination that TikTok posed a security risk to the city’s technical networks.

As a response to the ban, New York City government TikTok accounts have suspended their activities. High-profile accounts, including the city’s sanitation department and the New York City Police Department, have publicly announced their inactivity due to this policy change.

This move places New York City among the growing number of entities and governing bodies that have restricted TikTok’s usage on government-owned devices due to concerns about data security.