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Pakistani youth demands end of support to US

Karachi: Energetic youth from Karachi University demanded an end of all services Pakistan was rendering to the United States after the brutal attack by NATO forces on Pakistani check post, in which at least 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed.Students expressed their views at a Youth Conference hosted by Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhutto) and passed a resolution against the NATO attack and demanded respect for Pakistan’s sovereignty from the United States. The students demanded an end to all such treaties that obliged Pakistan to render its services to NATO and United States for their dominance in Afghanistan and the region.

The Youth Conference was chaired by Ms. Ghinwa Bhutto, Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhutto), and facilitated by Mr. Omar Sial, Deputy Secretary General of the party.

During the discussion, some interesting comments from the participants reflected their involvement in state affairs and highlighted their concerns about the events happening across the region.

Humna Mehwish, one of the most vocal participants in the discussion, heavily criticized the government and termed the reaction from the armed forces and the government insufficient. She said that Pakistan Peoples Party was taking revenge from the people of Pakistan through democracy, as democracy is the best revenge!

Ahsan Umar, said that it were own mistakes that are leading to undesirable consequences today. He termed Pakistan’s foreign policy as a confused policy and said that the government did not have a world view of their own, it was importing that too from the US.

Saad, another student in the conference, said that the politicians were using the people for their own motives and were safeguarding the interests of foreign powers.

Most of the students agreed on the fact that relationship with United States should be reviewed and Pakistan should focus more on its internal economic development than fighting war for other countries.