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America Opposes Israel’s New Long-Term Occupation of Gaza

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Washington: The United States has expressed its opposition to Israel’s recent long-term occupation of the Gaza Strip. According to international news agencies, Vedant Patel, the...
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Muslim Delegation Meets Australian PM to Raise Concerns About Gaza

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Sydney: In Sydney a delegation of nine Australian Muslim community leaders met with the Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Penny...
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Indian Company Suspends Supply of Uniforms to Israeli Police

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New Delhi: An Indian company has suspended the supply of uniforms to the Israeli police. According to international media, the Indian company made this announcement...
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Biden Puts the Blame on Palestinian Group for Israeli Attack on Hospital in Gaza

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Tel Aviv: US President Joe Biden arrived in Tel Aviv after Israel’s airstrike on a Gaza City hospital, which led to hundreds of Palestinian casualties...