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“We Might Not Survive Until Morning”, British Doctor Burst into Tears While Reading Al-Shifa Hospital’s Director’s Message

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London: In London, British doctors protested against the Israeli aggression on Gaza’s hospitals, where a British doctor, while reading the message from¬† Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital’s...
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Hezbollah’s Attack on Israeli Border Area Leaves 7 Dead and 9 Injured

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Lebanon: Hezbollah has launched attacks on the Israeli border area. Within an hour, Hezbollah fired 15 missiles towards Israel, resulting in 7 Israeli fatalities and...
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America Opposes Israel’s New Long-Term Occupation of Gaza

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Washington: The United States has expressed its opposition to Israel’s recent long-term occupation of the Gaza Strip. According to international news agencies, Vedant Patel, the...
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South Africa Recalls Diplomats From Israel Over Genocide in Gaza

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Cape Town: The South African government has announced that they are recalling all their diplomats from Israel to express their concerns about the current situation...
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Dropping a Nuclear Bomb on Gaza is a Possibility, says Israeli Minister

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Occupied Jerusalem: Extremist Israeli Minister Amihai Eliyahu has stated that dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza is one of the possibilities. According to details, the...
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Israel Rejects the United Nations’ Resolution for Ceasefire Again

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Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unequivocally rejected the ceasefire in Gaza, likening it to a demand to surrender before Hamas. The Israeli...