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NYC Mayor Allows Muslim Call to Prayer Over Loudspeakers on Fridays

Washington: The permission to give the Azaan (Muslim call to prayer) over loudspeakers on Fridays has been granted in the American city of New York City.

According to news agencies, Mayor Eric Adams of the city has stated that hearing the call to prayer is a reminder of prayer times, and the words of the call to prayer contain the testimony of the greatness of Allah and the prophethood of His Messenger. (PBUH).

In New York City, the Muslim community is celebrating with joy following the permission for the call to prayer on loudspeakers on Fridays. The mayor further emphasized that prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it is obligatory to perform prayers five times a day. Taking these factors into consideration, the mayor has decided that not only will the call to prayer be allowed on loudspeakers on Fridays but also during the month of Ramadan, daily at the time of Maghrib (sunset), without the need for a permit.

The Mayor of New York City stated that a thorough inspection of the loudspeakers used for the call to prayer and regulating the sound to an appropriate level would be carried out in collaboration with the police and mosque authorities.

The Muslims residing in New York City and their representatives expressed gratitude to Mayor Eric Adams for granting permission for the call to prayer on loudspeakers.