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Harassing Muslim Students Becomes Routine in India, Another Incident Surfaces

New Delhi: Muslims are facing increased oppression under Modi’s government in India, as Hindu extremists are openly killing Muslims in broad daylight. At the same time, incidents of hateful treatment, harassment, and violence against Muslim students in schools are also on the rise.

In a new incident in the Kailash Nagar area of Uttar Pradesh state, a school teacher harassed Muslim students and said “Muslims had no role in India’s struggle for freedom. You people should have gone to Pakistan.” According to media reports, the school teacher also blasphemed Islam.

It should be noted that just a few days ago in Muzaffarnagar, an incident took place where a school teacher made Hindu students beat up Muslim students. After that, now in Kailash Nagar, another incident of hatred and bigotry towards Muslims has surfaced from a teacher herself, in which the school teacher used blasphemous words about Islam and adopted an abusive attitude towards Muslim students.

Class teacher Hema Gulati made fun of Islam on the day India landed a spacecraft on the moon and provoked students that Islam is against knowledge and awareness. The teacher also insulted the Holy Kaaba. Hema Gulati said that Muslims did not struggle for freedom against the British. You people are not even Indian. You should have gone to Pakistan.

Parents of Muslim children protested against the teacher and also filed a complaint at the police station. Upon which the police registered a case against the teacher. However, the teacher has not been arrested yet.