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New Islamic Year Begins: Kaaba’s Cover Changed

Mecca (International Desk): On the occasion of the new Islamic year, the cover of the Kaaba has been changed.

According to Arab media, the process of changing the Kaaba’s cover began after the Isha prayer and was completed within 3 to 4 hours. The cover of the Kaaba is made by weaving and stitching with silk, gold, and silver threads. The new Kaaba cover has been prepared at a cost of over 20 million Saudi Riyals. During the changing of the cover, security measures were put in place in the surroundings.

Before the preparation of the Kaaba cover, the Saudi government had a small piece of cloth prepared to assess its quality. The piece impressed King Salman to such an extent that he entrusted the Silk House with the task of preparing the Kaaba cover.

Every year, during the preparation of the Kaaba cover, pilgrims performing Hajj and Umrah bring small pieces of the sacred cloth back with them, considering them a source of blessings and prosperity in their homes.