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Indian Army’s Terrorism Continues, 4 More Kashmiri Youth Martyred

Srinagar: The series of terrorist activities of the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir continues. The extremist Indian forces have martyred 4 more Kashmiri youth during a so-called search operation.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Indian Army violated the sanctity of homes in the Poonch district of the Jannat Nazir Valley. They misbehaved with women and targeted the elderly with violence.

The occupying Indian forces sealed off both internal and external routes, denying entry to ambulances, and breaking down doors to enter homes. They also disrupted internet services. During this time, the Indian Army indiscriminately fired upon a house, resulting in the martyrdom of 4 young individuals. All four youths were students and innocent, but the puppet administration of the pro-Indian authorities labeled them as militants.

The oppressive Indian forces have denied handing over the bodies to the families of the deceased. Grieving parents are forced to suffer while their loved ones’ bodies remain in their custody, causing immense anguish.

It is worth noting that just on Monday, 2 youths were martyred at separate locations in the Poonch district. With these recent incidents, the number of martyred youth has risen to 6 in just two days.