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New Islamic Year: Moon Sighting Meeting to be held today

Quetta: In regards to the beginning of the new Islamic year, the Moon-sighting Committee has announced that the meeting for the moon sighting of Muharram will be held today.

According to details, under the chairmanship of Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad, a meeting of the Moon-sighting Committee will be held in Quetta today. The central Moon-sighting Committee, along with the members of the Zonal Committee Karachi, representatives from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, and members of SUPARCO, will also participate in the meeting.

The Moon-sighting Committee has informed that the meetings of the Zonal Moon-sighting Committees will take place at their respective places. The decision regarding the sighting of the moon for the month of Muharram will be made during the meeting, and the Chairman of the Moon-sighting Committee will announce the beginning of the new Islamic year.

It is worth noting that the Meteorological Department has made an important prediction regarding the sighting of the moon of Muharram, stating that there is a strong possibility of the crescent being visible today. The Meteorological Department has also mentioned that the crescent of Muharram may be visible on the 29th of Zul-Hijjah.

Furthermore, the Meteorological Department has stated that the moon will be born at 11:32 pm on the night of July 17, and during the moon sighting, there is a possibility of clouds persisting in most parts of the country.