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Unraveling the Enigma: UFO and Aliens

As the world is on edge these days with the shift from the unipolar world into the post-pandemic multipolar world, the uncertainty that exists among global citizens about what possible global crisis will come up next in the near future. There have been some developments in the world of conspiracy theories, developments that have now again reignited interest in the topic of UFOs and alien existence. For decades, global leaders rejected the existence of unidentified flying objects, or what the public would like to call “UFOs,”, flying objects that many conspiracy theorists believe are related to extraterrestrial species. Even though many UFO sightings have been identified by government officials and the scientific community as fake or misunderstandings generated within the public, there are some sightings that have made even the government authorities show concern. We need to understand that UFO sightings gained significance during the 20th century, at a time when the Soviets and Americans were part of an arms race, meaning that there were many experimental weapons developed by the Americans and Soviets that the public might consider alien in nature.

Even before the Cold War, UFO sightings were still reported globally, such as the widely known 1945 “Roswell Incident,” which saw the military recover metallic and rubber debris from a crashed military balloon, which conspiracy theorists view as a coverup of a possible crashed UFO. During World War II, an incident occurred that was widely known as the “Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942”, It was during the time when the United States just entered WWII after Imperial Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. The Air Raid was initially identified as a possible surprise attack by Imperial Japan similar to Pearl Harbor, but after some time, official statements from the US government came in where the Secretary of the Navy called the purported attack a “false alarm,” while conspiracy theorists believe it was a government coverup about a possible escalation between the US military and UFOs. Another widely popular incident that occurred during the 20th century is the 1976 Tehran UFO incident. There was even an interception launched by the Imperial Iranian Air Force where two 3rd generation F-4 Phantoms approached head-to-head with the UFO. It was the most well-documented event, as several witnesses, including Iranian Air Force pilots, described the incident as paranormal in nature, where their aircraft failed to engage the UFO mainly due to weapons system failure during the interception.

Several programs were launched by the US Department of Defense in regard to UFO sightings with the aim of gathering information and reports for the systematic study of UFOs; these included “Project Blue Book”, “Project Sign” and “Project Grudge”. In recent years, the United States government has acknowledged the existence of UFOs, but here’s an actual twist: they still haven’t confirmed the existence of alien life and have not clearly given an answer to the question of whether UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature or not.  Even with all the renewed interest by the US Congress, the Defense Community, and the public on the matter of UFOs, or what the US government is calling these days the UAP, or “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon,”, it still remains to be seen how this resurgence of interest in the matter will shape the current global developments that are taking place.

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