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German Footballer Robert Bauer Reverts to Islam

Riyadh: Robert Bauer, a 28-year-old German defender for a Saudi Arabian football club, has announced that he has embraced Islam. Taking to his social media platform Instagram, Robert Bauer, a player for a Saudi club, shared an image in which he can be seen praying, informing his fans and followers about this positive change in his life.

Robert Bauer mentioned this delightful transformation in his message, writing, “For all the people messaging me today. I came to Islam through my wife and her family. It’s been many years and I’m thankful for you all to help me and encourage me on my journey.”

Robert Bauer is representing a Saudi Professional League club, Al-Tai, and joined the team after signing a one-year contract at the beginning of this season.

It’s worth noting that at the start of this year, Zila Fatu, the son of renowned WWE wrestler Umaga, also embraced Islam.