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Libya: Floods Could Lead to Up to 20,000 Deaths, says Mayor of Derna

Tripoli: The city of Derna in eastern Libya has been severely damaged by floods that came after a storm in Libya.

The mayor of the devastated city of Derna has expressed concern that flood deaths in Libya could reach up to 20,000. According to American media, the death toll has exceeded 8,000 and more than 10,000 people are missing since the floods, while piles of bodies have been seen on the coast and city streets after the floods.

On the other hand, Libya’s Interior Minister Issam Abu Zriba said that due to the devastation caused by the sea storm, the government has appealed to international and local agencies for immediate aid. A curfew has been imposed in the northeastern coastal areas of Libya due to the sea storm, and activities in educational institutions have also been suspended indefinitely.