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Modi Decides to Change Country’s Name to Gain Support from Hindus

New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made the decision to change the country’s name in order to garner support for Hindus.

According to official sources, as elections draw near in India, political parties, especially the BJP, are taking new and controversial measures to woo and secure the support of Hindus. These tactics include the rising of anti-Muslim hostility.

To gain the support of extremist Hindu voters, Modi is willing to take any steps, whether it be terrorism or undermining regional stability. Modi and his connections with radical Hindu organizations do not shy away from anything.

According to Indian media reports, after changing the names of several cities, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now decided to change the name of the country, a decision that would require a constitutional amendment and will likely be presented in Parliament during the session scheduled from September 18th to September 22nd.

It’s worth noting that at the end of the previous session of Parliament, Nareesh Bansal, a member of the BJP Rajya Sabha, had also demanded changing India’s name in the constitution to “Bharat”.

The news of the name change has gained credibility as a formal invitation letter for the G20 summit from the Indian President refers to the “President of Bharat” instead of the “President of India.”

Besides the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), several other hardline Hindu organizations are demanding the constitutional renaming of India to Bharat, considering the region of present-day Pakistan as historically part of India and believing it is time to embrace the original and historical name while discarding the vestiges of colonialism.

According to Indian media reports, the agenda for the upcoming session of the Indian Parliament, starting on September 18, has not been disclosed yet, which has led to speculation that the Indian Prime Minister may surprise the nation with this name change. The news of the country’s name change is spreading like wildfire, but the Modi government has neither confirmed nor denied it.