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Hatred Against Muslims and Other Minorities in India on the Rise

Chennai: Hatred against Muslims and other minorities is on the rise in India, as evidenced by an incident of extremism where students refused to eat food cooked by a Dalit chef

According to Indian media, in the Tamil Nadu state’s Karur district, more than 15 upper-caste Hindu students at a government school refused to eat breakfast.

The stance of these Hindu students was that the meal provided by the school administration was prepared by a Dalit woman chef, therefore they refused to eat it.

The parents of these Hindu students said that as long as the Dalit woman cooks the food, their children will not eat the free meals provided by the school under the scheme. The district administration warned the parents of legal action after being informed about the matter, but the parents refused to comply with their request

India has seen a surge in hate crimes against Muslims, Dalits, and other minorities, with incidents targeting Muslims and other minority communities increasing sharply. High-caste Hindus, without any reason, are targeting Muslims and other minorities.