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Petrol Rates Likely to Increase by Rs 10/Liter From 1st September

Islamabad: There is a possibility of up to Rs 10 increase in petrol price from September 1st.

According to news agencies, the public already grappling with skyrocketing inflation and heavy electricity bills, should now brace itself for another petrol price bomb by being dropped the caring government. As per the market sources, a further increase in petroleum products is expected from September 1st due to the devaluation of the rupee against the dollar.

Regarding price hikes, petrol rates can go up by Rs 10 per liter while high-speed diesel may see an increase of around Rs 15 per liter starting September 1st. The final approval will be granted by the Ministry of Finance in consultation with the caretaker Prime Minister.


It is worth mentioning that there is a proposal for Rs 2 per liter increase in petroleum levy on diesel while the levy on kerosene oil and petrol will remain unchanged. The increase in petroleum products prices will be made for the next 15 days.