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Son Kidnapped on the Day of Birth, Reunited with his Mother After 42 Years

Santiago: In a heartwarming reunion, a child who was separated from his mother on the day of his birth 42 years ago has successfully found his biological mother. Their first meeting was an emotional spectacle.

According to media reports, after years of hard work and determination, Thyden, the child in question, found his real mother. Thyden was born in the city of Santiago at a government hospital.

On the same day, he was abducted by two employees who informed his mother that her child had died. These employees were part of a racket that abducted newborns and sold them to childless parents.

Thyden grew up with the family that adopted him. They had informed him that none of his relatives were alive, which is why they had taken him in. However, he always remained eager to meet his biological family.

On the other hand, Thyden’s real mother, Gonzalez, was unaware that her child was alive and being raised by another mother.

Thyden’s hope to meet his real parents came to fruition when he learned about a DNA testing agency that had helped many separated children reunite with their loved ones even after years had passed.

The DNA agency collected all the necessary information and went to the hospital where they discovered that Thyden’s birth had been premature, and he had been placed in an incubator when his mother was sent back home.

According to the filed case, when Gonzalez returned to the hospital to collect her child, she was told that the baby had died, and they had already disposed of his body.

The DNA testing agency eventually traced Thyden’s biological family. First, they found a cousin to whom Thyden sent his adoption papers.

With the information in these papers, Thyden’s cousin was able to locate his mother, and thus, 42 years later, Thyden met his biological mother. During their reunion, the mother, who had believed her child to be dead, was overcome with gratitude and astonishment.

This meeting was a culmination of emotions, astonishment, disbelief, and unforgettable feelings and moments.