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Electricity Costs Soar: 50-80% Price Increase Over Past 1.5 Years

Islamabad: During the previous one-and-a-half years under the governance of the former PDM party, the nation witnessed a significant surge in electricity prices, with the increase ranging from 50 to 80 percent, resulting in growing challenges for the entire country.

This spike in electricity costs has had a particularly pronounced impact on non-protected domestic consumers, who now confront an 80 percent rise in fees.

The per-unit cost has surged dramatically, moving from 13.48 rupees to an astounding 24.39 rupees, representing a sharp increase of 10.91 rupees.

For consumers with monthly consumption up to 200 units, the tariff has surged by 60 percent. Formerly set at 18.95 rupees, the cost per unit has rocketed by 11.91 rupees, now standing at 30.86 rupees.

Similarly, those utilizing 300 units have faced a tariff increase of 12.91 rupees, causing the price per unit to soar from 22.14 rupees to 35.4 rupees.

This upward trajectory of electricity rates persists for those with 400 units as well. A substantial increase of 14.41 rupees has resulted in a per-unit cost of 39.94 rupees.

Consumers using 500 units and above have experienced a staggering hike of 15.41 rupees per unit over the span of a year and a half.

For high consumption levels exceeding 700 units, an allocation of 50.63 units of electricity has been implemented.

One of the concerning aspects of this price surge is the imposition of a 78 percent tax on commercial bills. Astonishingly, the tax rate on domestic consumers has surged to over 50 percent, exacerbating the financial burden on households.

The substantial rise in electricity prices during the tenure of the previous government has ignited debates over affordability and the impact on citizens’ day-to-day lives.

Meanwhile, the business community has issued a stern warning to the government, indicating that if the current electricity bills are not substantially reduced, they will initiate a nationwide strike.

Prominent business leaders from Karachi have outlined their plan of action, detailing an upcoming demonstration outside the Governor House and all K-Electric offices. This display of dissent is aimed at voicing their discontent regarding the exorbitant electricity bills.