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Groundbreaking Weight-Loss Medication – A Lifesaver for Millions

Washington: An astonishing development has taken place in the United States regarding the effectiveness of a well-known diabetes medication in reducing obesity, a discovery that has been approved for nearly 100 million Americans.

It has been reported that this medication has the potential to reduce obesity in millions of individuals and safeguard them from heart issues, including heart attacks and strokes, which are often linked to obesity.

The medication, known as “Wegovy,” underwent medical trials on 1,961 individuals who were all struggling with excess weight. They were prescribed a weekly dosage of 2.4 grams of semaglutide, which is another name for Wegovy. This research has been documented in a scientific journal.

What’s intriguing is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had already approved this medication for obesity treatment. Medical experts have observed that regular use of the medication can lead to up to a 15% reduction in weight. On the other hand, it diminishes several factors contributing to heart diseases and effectively lowers cholesterol levels, thereby maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Professor Nathan Wong, affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles, emphasizes that the significance of a single medication in reducing both obesity and heart diseases cannot be underestimated.

Experts insist that as one sheds weight and returns to a normal weight range, the risks associated with heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure decrease. Wegovy functions similarly to GLP-1 hormone, naturally released from our intestines when we consume food.