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Kashmiris Living Across the World Observed Black Day on India’s Independence Day

Muzaffarabad: On India’s Independence Day, Kashmiris observed Black Day across the world, demanding implementation of the UN plebiscite promise.

India has forcibly occupied Kashmir for more than seven decades, against which Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control observe India’s Independence Day as a Black Day every year. Protests were held against India in all major and small cities of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and rallies were taken out from Burhan Wani Chowk.

On the Black Day, Kashmiris demanded the UN to implement its plebiscite promise and protested against India by wearing black armbands on its Independence Day. It should be noted that India has trampled the rights of Kashmiris by ignoring UN resolutions. Kashmiris are still waiting for the implementation of the UN promise through a peaceful struggle against India’s illegal occupation.

India has violated the rights of Kashmiris through forcible control over occupied Jammu and Kashmir since 1947. To maintain its unlawful hold over Kashmir, India has deployed over 900,000 troops in the occupied state. In the past 33 years, more than 170,000 children have been deprived of parental affection in Kashmir. Since just the 90s, India has ruthlessly martyred 96,183 Kashmiris. Residents of Azad Kashmir say that India’s celebration of Independence Day is inappropriate given its occupation.