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Intense Clashes in Libya’s Capital Tripoli Leave 27 Dead

In the latest escalation of violence, two formidable armed factions engaged in a fierce battle within Libya’s capital on Tuesday. The combat resulted in a devastating toll, with reports from Tripoli’s medical authorities confirming 27 deaths and over 100 individuals sustaining injuries due to the violence.

However, the situation gradually calmed as one side made the decision to release a detained commander, an action that had initially triggered the violent confrontation. The two entities involved in the conflict, the Special Deterrence Force and the 444 Brigade, hold significant military power within Tripoli.

Their confrontations, which commenced late on Monday, reverberated across various districts in the capital. The city was engulfed in dark smoke throughout much of the day, with the reverberations of heavy weaponry echoing through the streets as clashes erupted in different suburbs.