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CNN Faces Legal Battle as British-Pakistani Reporter Saima Mohsin’s Right to Sue is Upheld

Saima Mohsin, a British-Pakistani anchorperson, has taken legal action against CNN, alleging “unfair dismissal and discrimination” after sustaining serious injuries during a work assignment. The incident, which occurred in Jerusalem while she was covering the Israel-Palestine conflict, left her with significant disabilities.

On July 10th, Mohsin revealed her decision to file a claim against CNN, expressing her frustration over the lack of support she received after the accident. In a tweet, she stated that she was injured on assignment for the network, only to be terminated subsequently. Highlighting the dangers journalists face while working in the field, she emphasized the expectation of being cared for by their employers.

According to The Guardian, which reported on Mohsin’s situation, the accident involved her cameraman running over her foot in a car, causing extensive tissue damage. As a result, she now struggles to perform basic tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, or resuming full-time work. Mohsin had requested alternative responsibilities and rehabilitation assistance, but her appeals were reportedly turned down by CNN.

Saima Mohsin outlined additional claims of race, gender pay gap, and disability discrimination. She asserted that CNN denied her prominent on-air opportunities and instead favored white American correspondents. Despite her readiness to report from the scene, she alleged that managers repeatedly sidelined her.

Today Saima Mohsin announced on her Twitter that the Employee Tribunal is set to her case against CNN in London.

The employment tribunal claim is scheduled to be heard in London, where Mohsin hopes to address the network’s failure to support her post-injury. She emphasized her dedication to her role as an international correspondent and her disappointment at CNN’s lack of backing when it mattered most.